pc-strandPC Strand

High Quality Wire Products for Prestressing and Post-Tensioning Applications

With a combined 40+ years experience in import and distribution of ASTM A421 PC Wire, and especially, ASTM A416 PC Strand throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality material, reliably, and to your most stringent needs.

We import our products from different worldwide industry reknowned sources in Turkey, Taiwan, Portugal, Argentina, France, South Korea and Malaysia.

The quality of our products are well recognized in commercial and slab post-tensioning, pre-stressing, mining, geotechnical, and stay cable applications.

  • 5/16” – 3/8” – 7/16” – ½” – 0.6” ASTM A416-10, 270k, low relaxation, pc strand for post-tensioned and prestressed concrete applications
  • 1/2″ ASTM A416-10, 300k (0.167 cross-sectional – 50,100 breaking – 45,090 yield, 28.5≈29.5 modulus)
  • 5mm – 7mm – 9mm ASTM A421-10, Type BA & WA, smooth or indented, mono-wire for prestressed concrete application
  • 5mm – 5.25mm – 7mm – 9mm ASTM A881-10, 250k, indented, mono-wire for prestressed concrete railroad ties
  • Galvanized 3/8” – ½” – 0.6” – 0.7” ASTM A416-10, 270k, low relaxation, pc strand for mining, barrier and stay-cable applications

Packaging PC Strand

CalTrans Wrapped ASTM A416 – 2.83mt coils – PC Strand

Dimension1/4"5/16"3/8"7/16"1/2" 270k1/2" 300k0.6"0.62"
Length35,000 LFT30,000 LFT22,000 LFT16,000 LFT12,000 LFT11,000 LFT8,600 LFT8,400 LFT
Weight±6,240 lbs±6,240 lbs±6,240 lbs±6,240 lbs±6,240 lbs±6,240 lbs±6,240 lbs±6,240 lbs

Specification PC Wire

CalTrans Wrapped ASTM A421 – 2,000 lbs coils – PC Wire

ASTM A421Nominal Diameter (mm)Diameter Tolerance (mm)TypeNominal Weight (Lb/1000ft)Nominal Steel Area (in²)Minimum Breaking Strength (Lb)Yield Strength Minimum Load at 1% Extension (lb)
4.98± 0.05WA1030.037,5406,420
4.98± 0.05BA1030.037,5406,420
7.01± 0.05WA2030.0614,05011,950
7.01± 0.05BA2030.0614,05011,950
9.01± 0.05WA3350.0920,28017,520
9.01± 0.05BA3350.0913,58011,540